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If you’re not going to be available to manually post an update at a specific time, or if you want to spread your updates over the course of the day, you can schedule your posts ahead of time to be sent out automatically, whenever you want them to be seen.

To start, navigate to Tweet in your web browser and sign in using your Twitter account username and password.

There are lots of great social media management application tools out there that you can use to schedule updates and posts on a variety of social networks, one of which is Tweet Deck.

First mobile Tweet Deck clients disappeared, and later the native Windows client was discontinued.

If it's longer, Tweet Deck will automatically set it up so that readers are sent to a third party application to read the rest of the tweet.

You can add an optional image by clicking Add images beneath the composer as well as include long links in the tweet.

It has Yoru Fukurou's ability to easily manage semi-custom columns and display media inline.

It has Tweet Bot's native management of Twitter lists, which is pretty much essential to handling multiple columns. Tweet Deck also has two new firehose options for columns, here described by Twitter/Tweet Deck's Richard Barley: Mentions with Interactions in Tweet Deck (as they kind of did with the Twitter i Phone app), they may have had a user uproar.

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