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Typically I will reply even if just to say I'm not interested, would be nice for you to do the same.

Just sayin' Important Notes*I am a Christian and not looking to meet someone who isn't a Christian* Sorry, but I'm not doing the whole "missionary dating" - meaning dating someone to make them a Christian**I don't believe in pre-marital sex** - so if that's something you expect, then we won't work I should probably add that I'm allergic to cats, I don't want to say no to someone just because they have a cat, but be aware of that fact Last but not least, if you're still reading this, no cheesy pick up lines.

Have you ever looked back on your really bad dates to figure out what exactly went wrong, at what point it collapsed and why? Relationships are hard, hard to figure out and even harder to find.

Uncover the value of who you truly are and the potential that God has purposed for your life. Let God change you, and let Him lead you to healthy relationships that last.

But after making those connections, guys may neglect to develop real relationships, based on love and respect – the type of relationships that can lead to marriage.

Or maybe the date itself was good but something was missing. Some have even stretched into undesirable relationships.

While digital technology makes it fast and easy to communicate with potential boyfriends, it also creates confusion that leads to heartache all too often.

Many men send casual texts or post brief social media messages to connect with women they’d like to date.

Here’s how you can date wisely in a digital world: Recognize that you’re worthy of real love.

If you’ve been settling for disappointing and frustrating dating relationships, know that God wants much more for you – and because God made and loves you, you’re worthy of real love.

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