Cute dating anniversary ideas

While a wedding ceremony is all about two families joining together and two people becoming one, the idea of a vow renewal ceremony is to celebrate the people you have become and the life you’ve created together.

Apparently, cotton was chosen because by the time a couple reaches their second anniversary, they are more comfortable with each other. So I thought I’d share some cotton themed, second anniversary gift ideas with you. Take a map and stitch a heart around where you live, where you married, where you met, or whatever.

If you’re close with your immediate family they’ll certainly expect an invite, but there’s no need to invite your second cousin who lives out of state this time around.

If you’ll have a reception, keep your budget in mind and plan your guest list accordingly.

Here are some ceremony vow renewal ideas: Once you’ve envisioned your ideal vow renewal, it’s time to send out invitations to your loved ones letting them know you’ve decided to take the plunge again.

There’s really no rule that states who must be invited to a vow renewal, so invite guests at your discretion.

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Now it’s the time to put one of the ideas in practice.

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