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We become friends and what I often find out is that if we were to date, or even just have a sexual relationship, it would not be as good as what I have now.Use Social Media to see if She's Dating Anyone Tips and Suggestions for Seeing If She Has a Boyfriend Watch Her Body Language to Find Out If She's Interested Questions and Answers on If She Has a Boyfriend Comments Knowing whom you are asking can make a difference.Any judgment she casts on you doesn’t matter, because you’re not her boyfriend. Sure, things may not be going well with her boyfriend, but what are you supposed to do? This means you’re interested in self-improvement, which is a big deal in this modern world of watching TV and doing nothing after work. The only thing is, you’re probably falling into the nice guy trap, where you cringe when a woman gives you the stinkeye or says something mean to you, The problem with this type of girl is that she’s not an overtly bad person. No secret kisses, or behind the back love affairs going on. She wants the affection Winfred is offering, without giving him any commitment. This is a perfect situation of someone trying to have her cake and eat it too. He can’t hold her, kiss her, have sex with her, or get emotional support from her. You asked me what you should do, and I will give you an answer.She doesn’t have the right to stake her claim on you, or prevent you from hooking up with anyone else. Sit around holding your balls hoping she’ll dump him for you? You’re working hard on yourself, and becoming a better man. Thus it’s easy to think she’s a good girl in a crappy relationship, and her boyfriend is a bad person. It doesn’t matter what she tells Winfred, how much she loves spending time with him, and how great hanging out with him is. She’s got her boyfriend for sex and dinners and whatever. All he gets from her is the jealous treatment if he goes for another girl. He does have something: a jealous woman who doesn’t want him to hook up with other people, but doesn’t want to commit to him either. You need to cut her out of your life, for a few reasons.I suppose it is because I haven't found "the one" yet. That being said, in my previous relationship, I was with my ex, and I wanted my current boyfriend. I've been with my boyfriend for over four years and I definitely find others attractive but do I actually want someone else? lol I definitely think about this from time to time and has been a topic on my mind a lot at certain points during my current 5 year relationship.I've been with my boyfriend for over four years and I definitely find others attractive but do I actually want someone else? I often kind of find a middle ground, because what I like about these girls the most is that they are cool and I enjoy being around them.That’s why Winfred said, and I quote, “she’s got a boyfriend and he sucks.” But you don’t know that for sure, do you? She’s got Winfred when her boyfriend doesn’t treat her well. First off, if you’re hanging out, and you like her, you’re not going to be meeting anyone else.

In fact, some cultures have very strict guidelines.This trust will make her more open to the idea of you being in her inner circle be it as a friend or partner.In order to do this, you’ll have to act natural around her. She’ll see that you’re not faking your personality and that you’re genuine.By forging this friendship, she may begin to like things about you that your competition doesn’t have.Girls want to know they can trust their friends, especially their male friends.

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Yes with every GF I have had, after the honeymoon period is over I think "if I was single I could fuck her" or what ever, It's like a fear of not being able to sleep with someone if they offered which is weird as I am not really the one night stand type.

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