77 laws of success with women and dating

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Become unbelievably honest and direct when you need to 57.

He has this program called 77 laws of success with women & dating which I heard about from a friend, and so being a huge fan of life advice lists, I did some Googling and found an (almost) complete set of David’s 77 laws. Failure is a made up thing, don’t apply meaning to failure 10.

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- Accept Everything - Take Responsibility - Work On Yourself - Evict Your Inner-Wussy - Build Selfimage - Move Your Frame Inside - Stop Making Identity Meaning - Eliminate Failure - Compare Success To Self - Seek Next Level - Be High-Status - Stop Appologizing - Stop Seeking and Giving Approval - Stop Trading Status - Untangle - Surround Yourself With - Know Your Purpose - Travel - Find Your Centre - Focus On Innergame - Accept New Change - Enjoy Learning - Teach Others - Never Complain - Objectify Your Demons - Become Selfish To Become Generous - Surround With Success models - Keep Doing What Works - Maintain Composure - Prove Deal With Rejection - Long-Term Success - Enjoy Yourself - Value Your Time More - Develop Your Awareness - Control Your Emotions - Become Honest - Learn To Identify Social-Status - Become An Expert On Self Deception - Balance Learning, Practicing, Doing - Constantly Improve Yourself - Stop Projecting - Replace Negative Habits With Positive Ones - Stop When Losing Control - Make Your Territory Yours - Lead - Stop Idealising Women - Stop Idealising Relationships - Let Her Problems Be Her Problems - Don't Support Her With Money - Stop Trying To Impress - Take Care Of Hygiene & Posture - Eliminate Ticks - Become The Most Interesting Person - Set Your Life To Meet Interesting Women - Behave As If You've Got - Don't Be Boring Or Predictable - Learn To Tell An Interesting Story - Learn C&F - Make Friends With Attractive Women - Turn A Woman On - Learn The Mating Process - Learn To Read Situations - Tease - Be Honest And Ethical - Set A Boundary As Soon As Possible - See The True Meaning - Engage Her Emotions And Her Body - Turn Everything In To An Adventure - Convince Yourself That What's About To Happen Is Fun - Leave Her Wanting More - Go Back To The Basics - Stop When Losing Power - Have 3 Female Friends - Make Her Want It More - Make Conversations Interesting For Her - Become A Renaissance Man - 30-day trial.

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