Updating nameservers failed please try again 421

Your current registrar refused the transfer for reasons of their own.Please contact your current registrar and ask them to allow the transfer to go through. If you do get any error, you'll need to contact your DNS provider, and show them the error messages to fix this situation. If no error is reported, you can then configure the nameservers to work with your domain.0 No errors 1 No changes in the data 10 Registry currently not reachable 11 ERROR CODA response error 12 This is not an error. 16 Domain is blocked or reserved by EURid 17 Error while getting information from the registry 18 Data is already up-to-date, no updates necessary 98 Requested data not in data-set 99 No data returned 100 Empty initials!

Either it is already being transferred or its status is blocking the transfer.

221 You must enter minimum 2 nameserver name and IP address or a groupname! 1011 Empty field for the state for the SSL certificate! 3001 Title is required parameter 3002 License cannot be created.

195 Invalid handle 196 Authentication/Authorization Failed 199 An unknown error has occurred! 201 Nameserver group name not found in Openprovider system! 203 The nameservergroup is attached to some domains 220 Choose a group or individual nameservers! 308 Openprovider doesn t have your digital signature 309 You have not signed the latest version of the contract for registering this domain 310 Credit is not enough! 1010 Invalid field for the city for the SSL certificate! 2003 An error has occurred while processing the file.

FTP is a good way to transfer your files to the server because you can drag all your files at once to the folder on your server instead of uploading each file one at a time. You can connect to your server using a program like File Zilla or Cyber Duck, or you can use an HTML editor like Dream Weaver or Notepad .

No matter what way you are connecting to your server, you will need to use the correct credentials to connect.

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