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However, we believe that the values of this College are important enough to merit full attention, and urge Datamatch to take the necessary steps to ensure that this never happens again.” Whittaker added to the Crimson on Tuesday that he intends “to push that next year Datamatch won’t receive funding if they don’t improve.” Nearly 5,000 Harvard undergrads signed in to Datamatch this year, the paper said.A Harvard Computer Society member posted a Facebook update Sunday on the progress of changing the algorithm’s gender selection issue, noting that one option can be immediately implemented — ““I honestly can’t believe that this is even real,” another commenter added.As you might expect, the computer society’s co-president was penitent.“I, on behalf of the Harvard Computer Society and on Datamatch, take full responsibility for the exclusion that we have created on campus,” Javier Cuan-Martinez said at the Undergraduate Council’s general meeting on Sunday, the Crimson reported. Whittaker offered a letter that indicated the algorithm is exclusionary, the paper added.

"I know the whole idea is that it's empowering women, but it also just puts the ball in the guy's court and starts a 'wait and see' game," says New Yorker Lauren Drell, 30.

Once a couple matches (through a swipe function similar to Tinder's), women must message within 24 hours or lose the match. Up until now, men had "essentially forever" to do so, says Wolfe.

Now they're beholden to the same time window as women are.

It feels different, because it feels more like I’m rejecting a person, well, personally, rather than saying they aren’t the right fit or we had more qualified applicants. I do indeed think the etiquette for rejection in different in these two situations: It’s much more acceptable not to reply to messages from would-be suitors on online dating sites than it is for employers not to reply to job applicants.

I also think I would get more pushback of the kind hiring managers sometimes get when we reject an applicant. Part of it is just a difference in conventions — the professional conventions for hiring are different than the conventions for online dating.

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